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Board Meeting and Capital Improvement Plan Workshop II

Agenda and Agenda Packet have been posted.

Item of Interest:

ITEM 11.2 - Funding Options for Capital Improvement Plan (cip) Phasing and Implementation (11.16.2023) (16-PAGE Presentation, PROJECT LIST and costs with contingency SUMMARY)

Item 11 presentations and discussion will follow the regular board meeting, which will be held at the Memorial Hall Meeting Room, 9319 Midway, Durham CA to accommodate public participation.

The Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) contains all the individual capital projects, equipment purchases, and major studies for the District, along with construction and completion schedules.

The CIP is essentially a master “to-do list” so the District can better serve its customers now and in the future by ensuring a reliable, safe water system.

Item 11.2 will be a presentation on the District's funding options and the impact of those options on rates. The September 2023 board meeting covered these items at a high level, but the November board meeting will dive into the details. 

NOTE: Item 11.1 - Well Assessment Proposal was posted on 11/16/2023.

Please see the agenda packet  to review the agenda and supporting documents. 

--DID Staff

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